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the process

We believe it is not about being fancy with our finances it is about simplifying to take control of our money. 
For this reason we start by assessing what you have, what you are currently doing and where you want to get to.

We then put in place a plan to be in control of your finances through budgeting, banking, superannuation and insurances.
These are the foundations from which you can grow and further invest


our philosophy

A successful client is one who understands and is confident to make their own financial decisions.
For this reason we have a strong focus on educating our clients so they feel that they are in control of their money


"Feel like I made over $200,000 today because I saved 1% off the fees on my super

- Matthew, 28


why choose nic Financial Planning?

Our aim is to be a forward looking and adaptive company that utilizes changes in technology to show you how your goals can be made easier with a better strategy.


the DIY financial plan

Take control of your future and put in place a solid financial Foundation from which you can build wealth?
1. Net Wealth
2. Cash Flow
3. Goals and Budgeting
4. Automate your Banking
5. Insurances
6. Superannuation




Nic Jolly

Financial Planner

Nic Jolly is a Financial Planner with a focus on his client’s health and wellbeing. Nic Studied a Bachelor of Economics at UWA, before doing his diploma of financial planning with Griffith University.
Nic started his business in April 2019. Where he specializes in Superannuation strategies, Money management, Life Insurances and pays particular attention on how his clients monetary goals relate to their lifestyle and health.
He aims to always be up to date with new financial technology that makes it easier for his clients to manage their money and grow their investments! This gives him a unique, young and trendy appeal.

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the DIY financial plan

This covers the foundation of finance, Broadly speaking people come to see a financial adviser when they want to invest for their future, And they often start with ideas like bitcoin, stock trading and some more complex strategies. While investing for your future is important, it is often the case that we should slow down and make sure our foundations are in place before we build!  So just to be clear we will be going through the foundations of your Cashflow, banking, Superannuation and insurances. Once these are in place you will be ready to take the next steps towards building your empire.

want to work with Nic

We all come from different backgrounds and have have different needs. If you are looking to discuss your personal situation in more detail. You can contact Nic directly via the details below


What are the costs?

To work with NicFP currently costs $880 for a statement of advice that covers Superannuation, Insurance, Cash Flow, Budgeting and Banking. 

The industry cost average for a Statement of Advice is $2,671

So don't wait till you get a job, child or mortgage!
Sort your money out now and put your future self in a great financial position.


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Carine WA 6020, Australia


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